Complycare is Growing! Thanks to you!

Complycare has been growing steadily? As of June this year, we have already reached 20% of the target number of Family Day Care providers and it is all because of your support. Thank you.


Through your referrals we were able to share the software that has proven to be an able assistant – helping systematize your everyday activities in managing your Family Day Care. The product is maturing and your constant feedback has been immense. The simplicity, superb structure and sheer usefulness of the features have been easy to follow. No one needs be a tech savvy person. And the referrals coming from you have been a delight. Keep the referrals coming in – together we can help the Family Day Care sector achieve the high standards that it deserves.


Complycare is fully committed to its mission and vision to eliminate the long process of manually checking  compliance of educators and staff, conducting field work, filing pile-ups of documents,  preparing for audits and other time-consuming errands to slowly redirect the clients to automate things by saving time, effort and money. Complycare can do much more. Of course, we know that as you have been sharing your ideas with us.

The more referrals we get from you, the more the number of users and the more we can achieve for you. This means we will be able to build Complycare further and achieve full automation of organizing and monitoring all office activities that you need.

Keep on sharing ‘til we reach the goal!


Lifting the Industry Standard

Complycare supports Family Day Care services with the necessary tools to perform at the highest quality level. Our resource, built as a Quality Management System is the safest and most reliable way to record, store and retrieve all of your records of evidence which demonstrate your compliance with the regulations.Our software helps to reduce the impact on our environment.

Complycare has simplified your compliance requirements. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by embracing change!

Thank you for using Complycare.

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